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Where you work is a vital decision as it relates to your long-term career goals. As you consider employment options, we would like to offer the following considerations beyond salary and benefits:

The types of surveying we handle benefits those who desire to become a licensed land surveyor. While we have some exciting large scale industrial and construction related projects, our 40+ years of combined experience is built on traditional boundary, topographic, hydrographic, subdivision and surveying for civil engineering design projects. Our team members handle a variety of projects, but more importantly, work towards the type of surveying that will advance your career towards becoming a licensed professional.

While a lot of company's work with one-person solitary survey crews, we pride ourselves on still supporting the use of two-person crews. Besides the obvious safety advantages of having two employees on sites, we believe the best way to train future staff is for them to have the opportunity to work directly with experienced surveyors. Basically, we encourage and develop team members for enhanced future roles.

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